Mobile scan & go

Check out with your phone as you shop in-store.

mobile scan of Tide bottle
Shop & check out with your phone in-store. Just scan, pay, & be on your way!
  • Contact-free checkout
  • Less time at the register
  • Streamlined store shopping

Where to find it

Mobile scan & go is under "Services" in your Walmart app.

  1. 1. Sign into your Walmart+ account in the Walmart app.

    Download on the Apple App storeGet it on Google Play
  2. 2. Open the app at at your Walmart

    Once in your local Walmart store, just open the app, then select scan & go.

  3. 3. Scan your items in-store

    Scan each item’s barcode & place it in your cart. You'll need to weigh items sold by the pound at self-checkout. A Walmart associate will need to verify your ID for items with age restrictions, such as alcohol.

  4. 4. Check out digitally

    When you’re finished shopping, head to a self-checkout register, scan your QR code to finalize payment, receive an exit pass & e-receipt, & be on your way.

    As you leave, a Walmart associate may scan your exit pass.


Shop and scan items with your phone in-store. It saves time and it's contact-free. Just scan, swing by self-checkout to pay, and be on your way!
Open the Walmart app when you’re inside a Walmart store.
Mobile scan & go FAQ

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